Bonecrusher is a unicorn belonging to



Bonecrusher was once a proud and mighty unicorn living in the Big Forest in Ye Olde Kingdome. One day, as part of his knight training, Rustynuts was tasked with capturing and taming a wild horse to serve as his mount. Rustynuts did them one better; he captured a wild unicorn. The taming part, however, gave him a little trouble.

Christened Bonecrusher, the unicorn begrudgingly served as Rustynuts's mount for four decades. Having a vastly longer life than any human, the unicorn had some years of freedom after Rustynuts died.

When Rustynuts came back to life, the first thing he did was track down Bonecrusher. You should have seen the look on the unicorn's face when his dead master came out of nowhere to enslave him again.

Why does Bonecrusher stay with Rustynuts? For several reasons. One, Unicorn Law strictly states that any unicorn that is bridled must faithfully serve the human that bridled it. Two, Bonecrusher, like Rustynuts, has nowhere left to go. Three, Bonecrusher likes to see Rustynuts get hurt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like his master, Bonecrusher is extremely old and weak. However, he is somewhat faster than Rustynuts is on foot, so there's that.

It is unknown if he can talk or not.


Bonecrusher hides under a veil of weary irritation, constantly acting tired and bored. Underneath this, however, Bonecrusher is a sadist. He laughs to himself when he sees other people get hurt, and spends his time formulating different plans for how he can torment Rustynuts.

TCG Card TextEdit

Unicorn - Helper - Smoosh ♂

Bonus: 1

Cost: 2


Exclusive: Sir Rustynuts

When this card or the Character it is equipped to is destroyed, return Bonecrusher to your hand.