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Stare into the face of pure evil!

Chibi is a minor villain the Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness. He first appears as the boss of Chapter I.

Chibi is a huge, land-dwelling purple octopus. He has eight tentacles he uses for battle and, as displayed in Chapter IV, can use them to run. Chibi is a "pet" of Big Mac and the Uber-Pimps at a random Japanese strip club.

Chapter IEdit

Chibi is first mentioned by Luna when she first meets our heroes. Reportedly, the pimps used Chibi to capture Luna and use unmentionable methods of "torture" on her. When Luna leads Smoosh through a vent to escape the strip club, one of Chibi's (apparently extendable) tentacles grabs Luna and kidnaps her; Smoosh gives chase.

Chibi is encountered when Smoosh shows up at his lair to rescue Luna. Chibi is fought as the first boss of the roleplay; our heroes destroy him and rescue Luna before escaping the strip club via a secret exit in his lair.

Chapter IVEdit

Chibi reappears in Chapter IV as a minor enemy, this time as a ZOMBIE. When Smoosh arrives in the Ninth Level of Hell, a zombified Chibi, who was apparently sent their after his death, attacks Luna. Our heroes save her again, and Chibi gives chase throughout an icy canyon, bent on revenge. Amidst the chase, they also fight Oni demons on Pegasus. They manage to escape Chibi when, after defeating the Oni, Jack calls in a helicopter.


-of the four Bosses fought by Smoosh so far, Chibi is the only one to be killed.