Edison James "Eddie" Cohen is a cowardly, pessimistic vampire and a member of Smoosh. Despite being a vampire, Eddie is physically weak and instead takes pride in being an intellectual, believing that he is the "brains of the outfit". Eddie considers himself to be good friends with Jack, Baron Washington Wafflesworth, Jr., Sr., Jr., MXVII, and Luna Ravenheart.

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Eddie Cohen

Additional Titles

Edison James Cohen


Chapter I

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Date of Birth

October, 1994




112 lbs.


Generic Ominous Castle, Forksylvania.


Smoosh Member
Former heir to archduke of Forksylvania.

Eddie was born in Forksylvania, a small, perpetually twilit world where humanity is losing in a civil war against vampires. Eddie's father, Vladimir cohen ('cause roughly 84% of the vampire population is named "Vladimir") was the leader of the vampires who aspired to wipe out the remaining human resistance groups and ensure that vampires become the dominant species of Forksylvania. Despite his reluctance, Eddie was forced by his father to follow in the "family business" so he could take over as ruler of Forksylvania after his father retired. After being sent on a mission by his father to infiltrate one of the human resistance groups, Eddie met a young vampire slayer named Sarah Belfry, and the two formed an unlikely friendship.

Eddie and Sarah began seeing each other in secret more and more, and the two eventually became a couple. Unfortunately, Vladimir eventually discovered where his son was constantly sneaking off to and was outraged. Because blood is thicker than water (heh heh, "blood"), Vladimir decided to give his son one last chance: either he was to kill Sarah and her resistance group in order to redeem himself, or he would be executed by the other vampires for treason. Left between a rock and a hard place, Eddie ran away and joined up for the mysterious orginization known as "Smoosh", hoping he could start a new life in another world somewhere.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Despite the fact that most vampires are gifted with superhuman powers, Eddie is relatively weak, and instead mostly relies on his wits and intelligence to gain the upper hand in combat. Eddie is also skilled at using firearms, and his signature weapon, the Gun Gun, is a large gun that fires smaller guns as projectiles. Eddie also has a psychotic, superhuman split personality known as "Edmund", whom Eddie can transform into when under a great deal of stress or if he smells blood.

Character ThemeEdit

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (lyrics)

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (lyrics)

TCG Card TextEdit

Vampire - Gunner - Smoosh ♂

Bonus: 2

Cost: 3


Blood Token: When an Ally takes damage.

Remove X Blood Tokens: Eddie gains +X to any stat.

Trivia Edit

- Eddie's name, Eddie Cohen, is a reference to Edward Cullen, the vampire protagonist from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight novels (although Eddie HATES being compared to Edward)

-Also, Eddie's homeworld, "Forksylvania", is a portmanteau of Transylvania (often depicted as being a place where vampires live) and Forks (The hometown of the main characters in Twilight)

-"Edmund" could also be a referance to Marik's alter ego, Melvin, in Yugioh the Abridged Series.