entrance to the City of Dis

Hell, also called The Underworld, is an afterlife realm located in a hammerspace in the Universe, and the fourth world visited by Smoosh.

The only know way to enter Hell is by death, and one can only be sent to Hell once. In addition, certain requirements must be met in order to go to Hell when you die. However, there must be a way to enter without dying, as Shigeru Miyamoto is met here. Hell served as the setting for Chapter IV.

During the heroes' visit here, Hell was a place of pain and suffering ruled by Bobby Kotick. At the end of Chapter IV, though, Hades regains control of this world, and it is implied Hades plans to make it a more tolerable place.

Notable NPCsEdit

  • Bobby Kotick
  • Hades
  • Chibi (after death)

List Items Collected Here: Edit

  • Guitar Hero 19
  • Lava from the center of the earth.