Nintendoki's List is a list of random items Nintendoki desires most that are scattered across the Universe. Nintendoki created Smoosh soley for the purpose of collecting them.

Thus, the very main objective of the roleplay is for the players to seek out and obtain every item.

The ListEdit

  • Sega Dreamcast
  • the eighth book in the Harry Potter series!
  • the socks of Princess Luna Ravenheart
  • a flute
  • volume 747 of Maga no Kumi-di hentai doujin!
  • a Power Suit replica, life sized!
  • a Crystal Star
  • Guitar Hero 19

  • a tooth from a Southcross giant hog
  • a piece of lava from the center of the Earth

  • your mother
  • a bag of marbles
  • Coca-Cola, mixed with blood, Sprite, and elixir
  • the Holy Grail!
  • cookies

  • the scale of a sharkhorn dragon

  • the Triforce of Widsom!
  • Epic Hot Chocolate
  • R.O.B.
  • shit
  • many more things!


-based on his powers, and the fact that he seems to know where each item is, Nintendoki is perfectly capable of getting the items all by himself, but is merely too lazy.