The Nintendoki 3DS is the primary communication device used between Nintendoki and Smoosh. It's basically a regular Nintendo 3DS, but with added features

The Nintendoki DS was first devlivered to the heroes via air mail by Pidgey in between Chapters I and II. In addition to being a communication device, the Nintendoki DS stores a copy of Nintendoki's List, has info on members of Smoosh, and has a Sexyometer. It used to act as a phone that rings and had to be answered, but it eventually developed the ability to answer itself. It may also have other features that are yet to be discovered.

In Chapter V, it was upgraded to the Nintendoki 3DS, giving it the ability to show holograms of Nintendoki, rather than just display him on screen.


-The Nintendoki 3DS is decorated with stickers featuring characters from Lucky Star, reflecting Nintendoki's apparant fondess of that anime.

-Nintendoki has shown he can instantly warp places and communicate with his minions in person, meaning he must be too lazy to do even that.