Pinecone City is the largest and captial city of the Kingdom of Smelly Grapefruit. As the name implies, it consists mostly of skyscapers that are made of giant pincones.


Sometime before the events of Chapter II, a giant magnifying glass appeared over the planet, specifically Pinecone City. The caused buildings to burn and the planet and city to heat up. Wyu, who lived in Pinecone, left his home planet to seek out what was needed to move the manifying glass: a gum-weaver.

Chapter IIEdit

Smoosh visited Pincecone city shortly after their arrival on the Kingdom of Smelly Grapefruit. While here, they planned with Wyu to counterstrike the a pirate invasion that was to target Pinecone City. Pincecone City was later attacked by a huge pirate armada led by the Straw-Hat Pirates. Smoosh, along with the local ninja military, were able to push back the attack, and Luna was able to use her powers to get rid of the manifying glass, saving Pincecone City from destruction.