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Secret Achievements are a feature I have added to the RP to influence curiosity amongst the players to attempt new situations. These achievements are something that for one reason or anther, I'd like to see happen but cannot force you to do. By acting out a Secet Achievement, a reward can be earned.

In order to give you a little hint, and give you an idea of what's out there to conquer, this list (which may update over time) contains the names, but not criteria, of Secret Achievements that you can..........achieve. Occasionally, I may drop a hint in addition to the title.

Once an achievement is discovered, the criteria for earning it will be posted here. After that, they can be re-performed but for a lessor or no reward.

List of Secret AchievementsEdit

....currently, is is the middle of the night/morning so I will update this list later. :P