The Insane Quest, officially abbreviated TiQ, is an Internet play-by-post roleplay on the NSider2 Roleplay Theater. The roleplay is, obviously, the subject of this very wiki and the main roleplay existing within the Universe of 69 Worlds canon.

The Insane Quest began as a small-scale, mindless roleplay that was completely improvised and revolved around randomness, surreal humour, and taking itself completely un-seriously. As time passed, however, TiQ evolved into a more serious, thought-out RP with a highly developed canon and darker atmosphere. Currently, TiQ revolves more around simply bizarre/colorful creative strangeness than randomness, and this is more of a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) theme to follow rather than the main focus.


The original name of the roleplay was The Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness. This was an improvised name meant to convey the original spirit of an adventure-roleplay improvised on the spot and revolving around how-much-crazier-can-we-make-it randomness; hence the 'Unfathomable Randomness' purging this 'Insane Quest'.

As the roleplay evolved and it became something I personally liked more, quality became more important and my imagination ran wild with intricate stories concerning the bizarre world and it's characters. As I myself took the roleplay more seriously, so did the roleplay itself. Eventually, some of the lore became so dark and thought out that the spirit of 'Unfathomable Randomness' just naturally died.

While "randomness" is and always will be a theme for the roleplay, is has been toned down to the point where it isn't "Unfathomable" anymore, and doesn't represent the overall spirit of the roleplay. As such it has no place in the title. But the adventure is still bizarre enough that it's still an "Insane Quest"; so there you have it. It's just "The Insane Quest".

--Lightning Snow