The Randomverse is the (possible) whole universe of the Insane Quest. However, the Quest isn't the only one that fits in with the randomverse; RPs made by members of the Quest fit in rather nicely. (Especially given the...convoluted nature of The Insane Quest's universe.)

GM Note: This is pretty much Fanon unless The Insane Quest makes a Randomverse reference, not the other way around. Could or could not become Sure Why Not, so mark this pending.

RPs in the RandomverseEdit

  • The Insane Quest (Obviously)
  • Smile For The Camera (Created by ???, it has all the signs it fits in here. Randomness, most of the Quest members, heck two other RPs on the list even metion it)
  • Land of the Dead (Created by Rhadamanthus, it really fits in. This is obviously a part of the underworld Hades didn't let Smoosh see. Besides, there's a brief refrence to Monster Mashers from Smile For The Camera)
  • TV Tropes: THE ADVENTURE! (Created by SonikFan112, it's probably some world nobody has mentioned in the Quest. Again, Monster Mashers is mentioned, hell, Drakko even mentions Nintendoki)

References madeEdit

These are couple references made from the three RP's to Insane Quest.(Or, that refer to each other.)

References made in Smile for the Camera!Edit

Nothing yet.

References made in Land of the DeadEdit

  • When the driver dressed in a ski mask comes and says: "We're gonna miss Monster Mashers!" This is a reference to Smile for the Camera!.

References made in TV Tropes: THE ADVENTURE!Edit

  • Kuuxo says "Are we gonna land soon? Episode 2 of Monster Mashers is on tonight, I hear that guy called Kikai does something."