Wafflemallow Lupez


Chapter 2

Appears in

Chapters 2-3, 5-Present



Date of Birth, Homeworld







piracy, the sky, booze, women, card games, adventure


cats, ninjas, pain, taking orders



Wafflemallow Lupez, usually known as just Lupez, is a major character and member of Smoosh.

Lupez is a pirate dog and former captain of the Candy Pirates.


Lupez was formerly the Captain of the flying marshmallow airship, the KreamKken, and led the Candy Pirates. For some time, Lupez made a living as a sky-pirate, becoming the self-proclaimed scourge of the Universe, attacking anthing that moved. He was also the pet dog of Jack Sparrow, and a rival of Zepul.

Eventually, in Chapter II, the KreamKken came across Appa and the S.S. Bazooka. Lupez attacked the heroes, downing the S.S. Bazooka and capturing Appa. He attempted to force Smoosh into becoming his latest Candy Pirate recruits, but Ace and Frost teamed up to defeat him. During a battle with one of Lupez's rivals, the Black-Cat Pirates, the KreamKken was fused with Appa to create the S.S. Appa, and Lupez was made a pet of Smoosh. He has since grudingly come to terms with his situation, though he still considers himself Captain of the ship.


Lupez is generaly very self-centered. Lupez is very cowardly, not willing to go out of his way of safety to take one for the team, and dislikes most of Smoosh for taking away his pirate life. He is loud, annoying, and doesn't care what people think about him.

Lupez is rude and perverted. He seems to display no respect for woman, viewing them as objects of his lust and often tries to hit on, seduce, or look at the panties of female members aboard the S.S. Appa. As a result, he is no stranger to pain.

Lupez is still a rather jolly character, and very proud of his self-proclaimed greatness, despite him being weak and useless in reality. Lupez has shown a great love for the sky and piracy. Being a pirate, he also hates all ninjas very deeply.

Despite all this, he considers himself the Captain of the ship and therefore is somewhat protective of the members of Smoosh, as displayed when he defended Lori from one of the Drunken Ninjas in Chapter V.


-Luna is the only character known to regularly call him by his first name, Wafflemallow.

-GM Note: Lupez was originally going to be a human, but at the last second while making the post itself, I decided to make him a dog.